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7431 Cooking Grate 7439 Charcoal Grate for Weber 14 Inch Smokey Joe Silver and Gold and Tuck-n-Carry Grills, 10.5 Inch BBQ Stainless Steel Charcoal Fire Grate with 1 Thermometer

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  • 【Fits Perfectly】- Fits Weber 14 inch Smokey Joe / Smokey Joe Silver and Gold and Tuck-n-Carry Grills. Compatible with Weber 7431 Cooking Grate, Weber 7439 Charcoal Grate
  • 【Dimension】► Cooking Grate 13.5 inch in diameter. ► Charcoal Grate 10.5 in diameter
  • 【Material】- Made of high quality plated-steel to ensure long-lasting use. 【Package】- 1 Cooking Grate + 1Pcs Charcoal Grate + 1Pcs Thermometer
  • 【Will Not Bend or Break】- Heavy duty round grid grill rack, looks nice and shiny. Even with large amounts of heavy steaks on it, it didn't bend or break due to heat or the weight. 【Charcoal Grate Function】- Holds charcoal. Extends your grill's life span
  • 【Hassle-Free Cleanup】- Non-stick and easy to clean up