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7644 Cooking Grates for Weber Q100, Q1000, Q120, Q1200, Q1400, 516001, 516002, 50060001, 51010001, 51060001

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  • 【Fits Perfectly】- Fits Weber Q100 series, Q140, Q1000 series, Q1200, 50060301, 386000, 50060001, 51010001, 51060001, 51070001, 51080001, 51190001, 51200001, 51210001, 52020001, 51040001. Replacement for Weber 7644
  • 【Dimension】- 17 x 12.7 x 0.5 inches ( L x W x H ). 【Material】- Matte Cast Iron. Durable and excellent quality. Good for keeping the taste of food ingredients. 【Package】- 2 Pack Cooking Grates. The grates come with support clips as gift
  • 【Retain Heat】- Cast iron grates not only heat evenly and retain heat superbly, but also deliver professional searing, able to give prominent sear marks to meat/ veggie
  • 【Superior Repair Parts for Grill】- If your looking to replace your Weber Q100, Q1000 Series grill parts, this cooking grid grates is the excellent accessory for you. Tips: Please check your original part size before ordering, and compare it with the replacement to ensure perfect fit
  • 【How to Avoid Rust?】(1) Make sure that you scrape your grates after each use; (2) Season them by brushing with oil after each use; (3) Leave the dampers open a bit so that condensation does not collect in the grill; (4) Put the lid back on your grill when it is not in use; (5) Cover the grill when it is not in use; (6) If you need to store your grill for a long period of time, heavily coat them in cooking oil, wrap them in a plastic bag and store in your covered grill