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The best portable wood-fired pizza oven

Add wood pellets and preheat for approximately 18 minutes, once reaches the desired temperature you're ready to bake, bake delicious pizzas in as little as 2 minutes. Enough cooking space to make rotating the pizza especially easy. The Bighorn Outdoors Pizza Oven will meet the demands of any festive gathering.

wood pellet pizza oven outdoor

Stainless Steel Material

Constructed with heavy duty stainless steel, this pizza oven offers extra durability, toughness and product life.

pizza oven

Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Fueled by wood pellets, this portable pizza oven make crisp, tasty, cheesy pizza your family will love.

stainless steel pizza oven


BIGHORN OUTDOORS wood pellet pizza oven is ready to start cooking within 18 minutes. Neapolitan Pizza made in just 60 seconds.

pizza oven wood pellet burning

Portable Design

Equipped with folding legs, the lightweight and compact pizza oven is perfect for tailgating, camping or any outdoor party.

Have fun, this pizza oven is also great for steaks, fish, lamp chops, salmon, flat breads, etc

Pizza oven outdoor wood pellet burning


Preheat the pizza stone for a minimum of 15 minutes

Turning the pizza: You need to take the pizza out of the oven to turn it every 5 seconds or so or it will burn.

Never pull out the pizza stone when it is hot, this will cause it to crack with the quick temp changes. Allow it to cool completely before pulling it out to clean.


Product Type: Countertop

Max Temperature: 860°F (460°C)

Fuel Type: Wood Pellets

Weight: 25 lbs Dimensions: 21.6''L x 14.2”W x 24''H

Package includes

  • 1 x Pizza Oven Assembly
  • 1 x Oven Door with Handle
  • 1 x Removable Fuel Tray
  • 1 x Ash Tray and Poker
  • 1 x 12 inch Square Pizza Stone
  • 1 x User Manual