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Cuisinart CMD-108 Melting Dome, 9"

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Cuisinart CMD-109 Melting Dome, Stainless Steel Features: 9" diameter|Stainless steel|Concentrates heat to cook evenly|Infuses smoker flavor

  • Don't waste time waiting for your cheese to melt, grab a Cuisinart Melting Dome and get grilling! The structure of the Melting Dome allows heat to concentrate under the dome and cook your food more evenly. You will also get a wonderful smoker flavor as the melting dome will trap the flavors trying to escape your meal and circulate them back around, adding to that great grilled food taste. Fast melting cheese, better tasting meals, what more could you ask for. Features: 9" diameter|Stainless steel|Concentrates heat to cook evenly|Infuses smoker flavor|Dishwasher safe

melting cheese

The secret to perfectly melted cheese is revealed

melted cheeseburger

The chef's tool for melting cheese

Chefs know that the secret to achieving a perfect melt on cheese is to use a cooking dome. The Cuisinart 9-inch Melting Dome helps food cook more evenly, and allows cheese to melt perfectly. It can also be used to trap the smoke of a grill so that foods are infused with delicious smoky flavors. Perfect for those who love cheeseburgers.

melting dome

An essential grilling tool

A Cuisinart 9-inch Melting Dome is an essential tool for getting cheese to melt perfectly. The rolled edge will sit comfortably on any flat surface, including skillets. The shape of the dome traps heat to cook food more quickly and evenly. It's made from hard working stainless steel for years of use and is a great addition to the grill kitchen.

Ideal for grilling vegetables

For delicious grilled vegetables, place them on the grill and cover them with the Cuisinart 9-inch Melting Dome. The fire will bring out the natural sugars while the dome keeps moisture from evaporating. Using the Cuisinart Melting Dome results in moister vegetables with the char and delicious smoky flavor of the grill.

Product information

 Package Dimensions  8.8 x 8.8 x 3.9 inches
 Item Weight  11.7 ounces
 Manufacturer  Cuisinart