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Grill Burner for Home Depot Nexgrill 4 Burner 720-0830H, 720-0830D, 720-0783E, 720-0864, 720-0830A

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  • Fits for Home Depot Nexgrill 720-0830H, 720-0830D, 720-0888, 720-0888N, 720-0783E, 720-0830A, 720-0864, 720-0882S, 720-0888A, 720-0894F, 720-0864M, 720-0864R, 720-0888, 720-0896CA, 720-0898, 720-0925S, 720-0958A.
  • Fits for BHG Grill 720-0783H, Kitchen Aid Grill 720-0830A, Backyard Grill 720-0888M; Fits for Kenmore Grill 122.33492410, 720-0830A; Fits for Members Mark Grill 720-0830F, 720-0882D; Fits for BBQ Pro Grill 122.47207610, 720-0894R. Fits for Uberhaus 780-0003.
  • 【Dimensions】Burner Dimensions : 14 7/8" x 1", Material : Stainless Steel. Repair kit include 4 Stainless Steel burners and 2pcs Screws for each burner.
  • 【Hardware Pack】 That Included new screws to hold the burner and to mound igniter electrode at each burner. You needn't waste time and money to buy it in your local store.
  • 【NOTE】Make sure you measure the size of your original parts and compare with the replacements BEFORE you order.